Mindfulness Coach Services

Wise Choice Mental Health

Mindfulness & Spiritual Coach/Reiki Master Teacher

Doula in London

Knot Undone Therapy

Nutritional Therapy – All You Need is Health

Rapid Transformational Therapy Stefanie Fernandes

Body Confidence and Wellbeing Coach

Advance Physio Waterford

Yoga with Anna

Naturopathic nutritional therapist and Iridologist

Insurance designed for those practising and teaching Holistic Therapies

Postnatal Yoga with Baby

Chronic Illness Specialist

Free Yourself Now

New Beginnings Healthcare Ireland Ltd

Thought Field Therapy, Be the Greatest Energy You Want To Attract

Shamanic Motivational Therapy & Counselling

Chanting Willows Animal Sanctuary

Personal training and health coaching

Energise your Health. Empower your Life.

Elena Loli Mazilu | Hypnotherapist

Pure Imprints Therapies

Holistic Therapist

Meditation teacher

Optimum Body Therapies

ChiBall Seasons

Evening Release

Movement & Mindfulness

Morning Moves

Herbalist + nutritionist consultations

Functional Yoga Flow

Grace Whistler Therapies

Gaia Vibrance

Intuitive Intelligence Trainer® and Teacher

Human-centered Leadership Coach & Consultant

Do you want quick and lasting results?

Psychotronics Specialist/Psychic Medium/Clairvoyant/ Healer/Therapist/ Coach

Corinne Vella

SMASH Worldwide

Coaching session

Counselling session

Success Mindset Coach & Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

Hypnotherapist – Rapid Transformational Therapy® Practitioner

Wild Essence Yoga Mats

Go Nuts About Nutrition Ltd.

Gong Master Therapist, Gong Therapy, Soul Coaching and Counselling, Workshop Facilitator

Pain Relief, physical and mental relaxation Session